About AusFS

Our Proposition: Committed to providing the best resources for the Australian Virtual Aviation Community.

It was November 2015 and as various small personal projects came to a completion, it became apparent that a common platform and branding was needed to share work through. From the depths of a free Weebly site the Australian Flight Simulation Development Team, or AusFS for short, was founded, two members strong.

Our first major release was the well-received Qantas 2007 livery fleetpack for the PMDG 737 NGX. This wasn't just a generic copy and paste, with nearly every airframe slightly different from the others, whether that be the colour and style of markings or the weathering of the aircraft.

While our intensions for all fleetpacks was a single base release followed by frequent patches to reflect real-world changes, we found that as our knowledge, skills and resources grew, the base itself required improvement. Subsequently a year or so later version 2 released which most noticeably included the many tiny placards and markings on the fuselage.

While the 737s received the bulk of the attention, there’s a lot more to the history of AusFS then just that. Our first official release was just simple AFCAD adding the non-existent Western Australian Fly-In Fly-Out mining airports of Ginbata (YGIA), Christmas Creek/Graeme Rowley Aerodrome (YCHK), Cloudbreak/Fortescue Dave Forrest Airport (YFDF) and Solomon (YSOL). The life of these AFCADs on our website was short lived as we decided to take them down while started on making full scenery for the airports. Unfortunately, the project ended up being deferred in favour of other tasks and the subsequent release of these airports by Robert Fluke over at OZx meant this revamp may never see the light. There are still a few pictures of these projects floating around the Facebook page.

As a freeware development group, the vast majority of projects started out from personal desire to use them however the standard difference required between personal use and release as resulted in the vast majority of projects never seeing the light. However, not all is lost, over late 2018 and into 2019 we plan to go back and see through our started projects.

Today, AusFS has grown into a small focused team of Australian Flight Simmers/Developers aiming to produce, first and foremost, up to date and functional, but of course, aesthetically pleasing resources for the virtual aviation community. Following the move by major developers in early July 2017, AusFS has joined the move towards Prepar3D Version 4 exclusive development.

Creative Commons

All our freeware projects are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License. This license encourages collaboration and third party modifications which benefit the whole community. Quality permitting, modifications shared with us will be included into the base release (with appropriate credit). Attached is a link to the human readable summary of the licence (Human Readable Summary)

Last update: March 21 2020.